Smooth trail effects in short bursts

I’m trying to create spiraling/swirly burst effect in Unity. The short window for the effect is causing the trails to be jagged/linear. Is it possible to smooth the trails in this effect.
I’ve tried prewarming then speeding up the animation playback but it isn’t caching like I want it to. Does anyone know how to cache and playback an effect with Unity VFX?

Here’s how it looks without prewarming. Prewarming looks mostly the same (still jagged).

Speed / frame update rate affects geo; your effect would require interpolation that is not part of Unity’s trails

  • using trails to do the geo you have to slow the animation down and start it before your effect
  • the textures needs to pan across the geo to appear and vanish how you want
  • finally the trail geo gets cleaned and deactivated.

if you can’t pre animate the trails over 2-3 seconds you have to use a mesh you model and pan textures across that geo; colloquially called soulercoaster

I was hoping to avoid meshing (and texturing) but if it’s the only proven technique I guess I’ll have to go that route.

Thanks for replying.

Can you not spawn multiple particles per frame and interpolate over your spiral path?

Sorry for the late reply. I was focused on other things and not checking this much.

I’ll have to revisit my VFX graph and see if that is possible. I’m not aware of the ability to increase the sampling rate of a particle (line) per frame.