Small 2D VFX Portfolio

A couple of months ago I got carried away by 2D frame-by-frame FX’s.
And now I’m ready to show you some my first “not really bad as for me” 2D VFX





My almost newborn ArtStation.

What do you think about my first portfolio?

Actually, it was much easier for me to learn 2D FX from scratch compared to learning 3D FX in Unity or Unreal.
Maybe because art skills develop faster in 2D FX?
What’s on your mind about this?


Nice start man , i think you made a right choice learning motion and animation in 2D. After all it’s much harder to develop artistic taste then just learn engine tools so keep it up)

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Thanks, Alex!
But at this moment 2D FX looks like less useful in short distance compared to tech and engine tools. I speak from the point of view of an unemployed person with no work experience who urgently needs a job.
And I have a feeling that I need to do something similar in Unreal\Unity to find a job.
Does this seem like the truth or I just don’t understand much?

Yep , if you want to get a job it’s gonna be a good idea to demonstrate those fx in engine as well. In the most cases ( at least from my experince ) you will be asked to make an art test ( in egine ) anyway, so yeah - the more you know the better)