Sketchbook - Dom

I am just digging through some recent work stuff. Thought this one could be a good share.

It’s kind of mixed media, golden “bling” stuff is all on material and particles in Unity, the blue flash is painted in photoshop to stich the captures of the guy in different armors together.

Actually in need to create a decent reel, here is a short compilation of a few handpainted effects I did for Fantasy Strike in '17.

(Somehow I can’t get vimeo thumbnails to work, you guys have any idea how to fix that?)[SOLVED]

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Hey Dom! Great looking work! I really love those plasma looking effects in the third part. Really cool stuff!

To embed with Vimeo try pasting your URL on a separate line. If that doesn’t work I can look into it more, seems like it should work :thinking:

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Hey @NateLane, thanks for your feedback, glad you like it!

The hint about the seperate line actually fixed it, great help man!