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Hey there!

Been looking a bit into the Elemental Magic book and got inspired by the idea to look at natural materials like a tree bark and then copy its natural flow and draw your own effect based on that.

So here is a morning sketch I came up with:

An then some colouring-in in the evening:

It was super fun and I think I’ll do it again - also keen to observe some fast water stream motion and apply it to this sketch and make an energy beam animation out of it.

Starting a fresh sketchbook, since my old one hasn’t been touched in five years
( Sketchbook - Dom )


Another morning sketch:

And some morning and evening time for colouring in:

Getting aquainted with Clip Studio Paint, this is all Mix Brush, bit hard to use it for clean accentuation.
Will be adding a more classic non-mix brush to the palette, which I hope will speed up the process.

Trying to figure out how the waves align is super fun. Still didn’t get to polish all, but happy how the study turned out. And fish!

Photo reference by Marcel Hampel