Juane Gray :Sketch #25 Root


First time doing an event or competition for anything art related, lets see what happens!

I’m going to create a few chains that sprout from the ground hit the target then put the character to the ground as a Root.

Effect should include:
Maybe Sparks
Animation Feedback

If I have enough time, I will include a cast.


Progress #1

I created a chain of planes then duplicated them and assigned a curve modifier and then created a shape key to blend the two together.

Then I created a simple segment of a chain and rendered them with only the shadows enabled to get a faked 3D feel when coupled with the above mesh

I also quickly put the render result into Photoshop to generate a normal map, apply that to the default cutout particle shader, and tested the shape keys

Then a simple scene with a floor shaped like this

I need to work on animations and some smoke sims, Might try out Houdini at some point, Who knows!


After some time of messing around on Houdini I came to the conclusion that I can’t export because I’m broke and had to redo my fluid in Blender, However not to fear as It came out better and smoother than Houdini, (who would have thought)

Then I played around in Unity forever again and made things look not crappy…


Great job @SaltShakerLive!

The only thing I would adjust is the values. To me it’s looking too dark right now, it takes a bit of readability away. Try to bring some sparks or glows or even just change the overall scene lighting, maybe!


That looks really neat but the dark background, dark chains and dark effect are hard to read, especially with a bright white sphere. Maybe make the sphere neutral grey and bring up the background colour a bit as well?


I edited the values, I semi want it to be Grungy, but yeah, 3am right now, I will work on it tomorrow/today haha some other pictures that I just tweaked a tiddle