Sketch #10: Wyvery

I’m just quickly joining into the fun.

Wanted to make something more magicky and stylized while still feeling dynamic and fluid, using the least amount of tech possible. In this case only one noise texture and a lut.

edit. Whelp small lut is small, I increased the height so one can acctualy see it :smiley:


I’ve never worked with lut textures, thought about giving it a try but I’ve never seen any tutorials use it either so I don’t really know where to start. Would you mind explain/show the setup, or just point me in the right direction where I can find information how to use it (since UE docs only seem’s to use it to color-correction scenes).

I try to work with as simple textures as possible at the moment since I don’t have a library of good textures to use, and there’s too much things in VFX that I want to learn at the moment to spend lots of hours on rendering textures.

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hey Axel, there is some discussion somewhere on rtvfx about luts, a search should make it appear :slight_smile:

@Niels you trying to achieve this? imho its a very cool technique :slight_smile:

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As luos said, theres a quite a lot of information on luts findable already, but in simple terms, this:

I do use the worldOffset trick yeah :smiley:
I am trying to find a bit more of a stylized look though.


Found the thread Luos mentioned, so I’ll take a look at that.
Thanks for showing the setup anyways!

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Hmm, how magic do I want my magic to magic?

I’m quite unsure about which colour I like at this point.

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Just a tiny bit of progress.
Went for purple flames again, looks a bit more like magic I suppose.

Oh, also, any feedback anyone wants to throw in here is much apreciated, still trying to learn from these after all. :smiley:

hmm, is it me or is my fire getting less and less interesting with every update?


Moar magic!!! … kind off :smiley:

note, halfway through the video the quality seems to be getting better…

Just a few improvements to the way fire interacts with the torch :smiley:

Any feedback is more then welcome


I don’t think magical smoke would look like normal smoke, but I don’t know what magical smoke would look like.
Maybe magical fires burn perfectly, in which case they wouldn’t have any smoke right?

Anyway, feedback would be much appreciated :smiley:


I like the style, but for me it feels like the fire ain’t connected to the torch. It feels like it spawns around it instead of on the torch. So maybe spawn it closer to the torch and give it some initial velocity to push it a bit away from it?

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