Simon Trümpler: Sketch #20 WIP


I wish I could like this one multiple times. The projectiles are gorgeous !


I don’t quiet understand what you wish for. :smiley:


Added some final touches (a gradient from top to bottom, sparkles, auras) and I think that will be almost the final result. Need to keep an eye on the contrast but I think the gradient adds nice variety :slight_smile:


It’s a bit hard to see but the auras of blue & green are as stylized as the little flame itself:



Re-worked the contrast within the little flames a bit:





Great work, man. :ok_hand:


Loooove the pixel shader! :blush::+1:


@bgolus suggested on twitter to move the pixel-sparkles on a grid ( Here’s my first test of quantize particle positions:

The size of the particles is 10.0 in this example.


I’m going to use a lot of this to revisit my Arcade Ashe fan skin fx :sparkling_heart:


I’ve create a little tutorial about how to use blueprints to render flip books at runtime:

And in case some one needs the project files:


This is amazing! I was hoping for a tutorial on how you did this, Thank you very much!