Simon Trümpler: Sketch #20 WIP

I just came here to say this looks amazing. I will be coming back to read more into your techniques, because I really like the style you have, but yeah, keep it up.

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Thank you for the kind words @Shr1mpsy and @MGDubois ! :slight_smile:

Here’s a little update. I think I’ll wrap it up soon.

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Another little test for different shader-styles:


Absolutely love the effect in the middle!

How is it made up if you don’t mind me asking?

Here you go :slight_smile:

Const bias Scale:


What do you have in ConsBiasScale? With your cricle mask setup I’ve got something like this.Thx for breakdowning this

You’re too kind, thank you!

Good question! Sorry I forgot to add this:

Const bias Scale:


Yes, this works. Thanks

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A week ago I did the same thing but with random dot color and animation instead of sampling source texture :wink:

unity node graph is there as well


Nice! :slight_smile: I was thinking if it would look cool to a) change the size of the dots based on the brightness of the input and b) having the dots in screen/world-space . Didn’t test it yet.

I believe it would be possible to do all of this with a particle effect with 2 emitters in Unity using a single material/shader/circle texture

You just need to pass through the correct custom data. Use one Texcoord custom data to pas through UV distortion on the opaque emitter and another Texcoord to pass through the cut out circles.

I’ll try to make a quick demo later today but I am not sure how to ribbon and stretch it as effectively this way.

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eh doesn’t seem to work as each emitter ends up being a unique instance of the material. Having one talk to the other doesn’t appear to work directly through the particle system editor - you still need to pass the cutout particles as a texture :frowning:.

In hidnsight it is painfully obvious that this wouldn’t have worked haha.

Although this might be a solution:

Thanks for testing @mulletdulla!


Here is a little update. As I wrap everything up I prepare some videos which show the system a bit in detail. Do you guys understand everything I try to demonstrate?



Layers of the particle system


On another quick note for Unity users - you can control the emission spread of particles across a shape with a mask texture.

In @simonschreibt 's example you are pushing yours either right or left immediately the get the spacing?

Theres mor you can do with the clip channel too so have a play with it if you haven’t yet!

I will stop hijacking now :stuck_out_tongue:


Nooo, continue please! That’s amazing information! I was using a kill-area to avoid particles in the middle. amazing to see that unity can do this based on a ramp. Might be possible in Unreal Niagara too. But I didn’t try this yet.

Tried around moving the flame along a spline via blueprint. Also created an art station post about this little project:



idk about niagara, but you could cut away one particle system with another in cascade.

I posted some stuff on this before so i’ll just link it.

Oh! I didn’t think about custom depth - you’re right! Thank you so much for the hint and breakdown <3 I need to check this out!

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Very cool Simon ! This is amazing :smiley: