Cel: Sketch #18 Custom Depth Example Use Case -- Hologram

Full video in HD resolution: https://youtu.be/bQsJSppkqps

This effect uses a custom depth mask to alter the color of particles as they pass across a given mesh.

So there are basically 3 parts to what you’re seeing.
First, there is that blue cone, the material is very simple just a fresnel and a gradient.
Next, there is the third person character in the run animation. To set this up, I made it not render in the main base but it does have a custom depth pass.
Finally, the particle system. I’m using gpu particles. most of the settings are just the default. I’m spawning about 200 of them. I adjusted the size by life and the initial velocity.

The core of this effect is the material which I applied to the particles.

There are a couple negatives to the effect. First, it does use a fair number of particles so you do have to watch out for overdraw. Second, you cant have multiple holograms next to each other because they will interfere with one another. If they are placed in separate rooms though it works, since there would be an opaque material between them.


that looks really cool! nice idea :slight_smile:

It looks nice! I wonder how it would look on the bigger smoke sprites

I wonder how the animation would look on tiny dots particles (5-10% of current square size?) altho you probably would need a lot of them… I wonder if it would be possible to instead of one spawning square/dot you could spawn texture with a lot of small squares or dots…