Sifa's Sketchbook



Souler Coasters? How about Souler Tentacles?

(noisy gif to reduce size)

Not much progress yesterday, just had an idea in mind and wanted to practice some more HDA development. Made a tangly bramble asset with proper UVs and a bunch of options.

Developed a tool to draw curves and make brambles/offshoots in engine.

Some parameters to control your asset.

The houdini graph (WIP)

I wanted to try the vertex colour options idea I had in mind.

I made an option to apply :

Random R channel per branch to use for the UV offset in the shader (shown in the above gif) or to collapse them to reduce overdraw.
and/or G channel fading out across the entire mesh (can use to mask either tip off or make rings on the branches)
and/or B channel noise across the mesh to help with alpha erosion to spawn it in/out.

All channels enabled together.

Also implemented an experimental detangle option that I still need to develop more. Helps a lot with weird collisions or strong options.

Speaking of, also implemented the ability for it to collide and grow around objects.

And the UVs are all nicely laid out, too. Should make an option to multiply them for more control.

Early screenshot of testing out interacting with obstacles.



Just made my first full effect! :smiley: Spent all day yesterday working on this.

Thanks to PowerAnze and bftd on the discord server for some critique and feedback :smiley:

It’s inspired by Yrel from HOTS

Still looking for any and all feedback, please!

I think the slam is a bit too…crowded? Maybe it just has too much noise, might cut down on elements there.

I also need to polish the timings a lot.


Nice effect… Fine and smooth…