Siberi4 - Slash VFX

Hi everyone!

I´ve been following this forum for quite some time but this is my first post and I intend to be more active for now on. So, my name is Romel Heidi, and I´m a vfx artist here in Brazil.
This is a slash effect I worked on last month. Any critiques and feedbacks are more than welcome!



Nice!! my only crit is that the ground shatter comes up a little after the impact, not on the point of contact.

Your fx animation reminds me of an animation i bought on the ue4 store and had the same idea but got bogged down with work and i never went back to it.

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I just say one thing - fast! I fill it :grinning:

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You are right about the ground shatter. I’ll fix it. Thank you for the feedback!

FX have great weight, very nice. I only want to warn you, if you say “I intend to be more active for now on” its a sure fire way of making sure you don’t post anything for like 4 months ;D

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