Shr1mpsy's Sketchbook

Hi everyone,
I decided to open up a sketchbook to show some small effects I did or I’m currently working on. Any feedback is very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

My hologram effect, inspired by Death Stranding. Effect and all assets made by me:

Death Stranding ingame effect (reference):



Looking really nice! I especially like the details in the text boxes appearing and switching to different ones.

One thing I’d adjust to get it closer to the reference is the small dots circling in the middle - in the reference they look less saturated, bigger and appearing with a small random delay on each particle.

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Oh thanks for the feedback, that will add more randomness. Gonna do this changes on the circle dots :smiley:

Just want to post my new profile header here on RTVFX. All credits goes to Riot Games from the awesome “So You Wanna Make Games??” series. I did some changes and added some small details like shrimps :slight_smile:

So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 7: Game VFX

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