Should you hand over your work data to a stranger?

My friend is currently looking for a new VFX position and got replies from few companies. The problem is that those companies requested my friend to create new action-intensive VFX from scratch without providing any source materials like texture or character skeletal model. Moreover they demanded my friend to submit the final data to them, not just videos.

Is it a standard practice for companies to demand source data before you’re even formally hired? Should you comply with such demand in the name of entrance exam/proofing your skills?

For my current boss if you happen to be reading this: I assure you that it is NOT me or any colleagues I know who is looking for a new employer, at least when I am writing this post. :wink:

Hah, nope. they can watch me share my screen while I go over things.
I personally would even flat-out refuse to make something as a test unless they pay me for my time.


I’ve done a couple tests in the past and they’ve requested source.

One of the tests I did was fairly extensive… but also generic like “An explosion, a HUGE explosion, a blood hit,…” etc.

I provided them because they were pretty generic. But I guess it would depend on what kind of FX I was asked to do for the test.

Also would depend on the studio. If I was trying to get a job at say Microsoft I wouldn’t mind since I’m sure they have plenty of sources and don’t need mine.

If it was a small startup… not sure.

That probably doesn’t help but that’s my old brain thinking anyway :slight_smile:


Agreed, if its an established company, I’m less worried about it as their legal team would nope on the content anyways hehe.

Small unfamiliar indie teams though? Protect yourself, always.

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We alway provide a scene to work with, but no vfx specific textures, materials etc. I don’t see much sense in having an art test without context. Also, it slightly reduces stress for the applicant and focuses their attention on the important things (the actual VFX).
It’s important to us though, to see the full ‘workflow’ of a cindidate (hence we don’t provide vfx textures). In addition, we do prefer the candidates to hand in their project, so we can poke around before the interview, however, it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker, if the candidate doesn’t feel safe to do so.

@ifurkend What you are describing sounds sligtly shady, or at the very least, inexperienced. I would just keep it friendly and professional, but not give in (if your friend has a bad gut feeling).
I like @Luos_83 suggestion though, if in doubt, just take a look at the project together during interview; Or alternatively hand in a brief video showcasing the VFX + breakdown. Considering the insane demand for VFX artists at the moment, it would be a grave mistake to turn down a good candidate with a solid art test, just because they prefer to not hand over their source materials.