Shine ✨ : Sketch #37 Cute

My first event!!

I don’t know what am i doing so it will be experiments. May be very silly experiments :smiley:
I want to share all process and I’ll be very grateful for feedback!

Upd: Final
Скриншот 18-07-2020 032126



I really love league of legends style, so i want to get close to it.
For references i took:
1. Star-Guardian skins

2. Zoe <3

And some others

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I’m newbie and i want to make something not too hard, so it will be projectile
Sketch is very messy, but i hope you will get the idea :sweat:

There will be 5 (maybe more or less) parts:

  1. Orb with heart
  2. Large gradient trail
  3. Two small white trails
  4. Small hearts and stars particles that goes down
  5. Small white particles that goes up

Main Trail

I have no idea how to draw this, just do what I feel
Hope it will work right

Why :0

upd: I forgot to save, it works now :moyai::moyai::moyai:

upd2: why :00

upd3: why in the play-mode it works right

upd4: why.

upd:5 looks better than i expected!

upd:6 Now I can change colors only inside shader or i do something wrong?..

Secondary Trail

ok i’m sure it will look bad

upd: i was wrong, it looks cool

upd2: they looks better if separated and with different speed, right? I will not change it now, just keep it in mind for the future

upd3: added colors + second secondary trail


upd4: and how to add emissions on it…




upd: and some small changes on trail. I should make secondary trails more in 3d or something?.. It doesn’t feel like league vfx :cc

upd 2: Yes, this shouldn’t be just a scrolling texture hmm

upd 3: hard hard hard

upd 4: and trails should be like triangle at the start? Mine feels separated from orb now :c

upd 5: or i can just move them closer to the orb :no_mouth:


upd 6: ok i did wrong all from beginning

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Small particles

They always make things better

upd: i tried to use post-processing and unity crushed :moyai:
upd 2: all my small particles are dead

don’t forget to save

always save


upd 3: I deleted secondary trails because they are bad and i’m too lazy to create new :unamused:


It doesn’t look like league, but i still like it. I kinda tired of this effect and leave it as it is. it’s bad that I couldn’t get into the style, but I understood a lot of new things.
So this is not a league fan-art, just a simple and cute vfx.

But it was an interesting experience anyway and I’ll start doing something new :sparkles:


And here are my textures. Maybe someone will need it, feel free to use :3
Trails are seamless of course