Shield intersection shader

Hey, I want to face some opinions from you guys, about my latest shader strongly inspired by Overwatch shields.

I’m pretty new in this community, but I hope that is good way to get insteresting feedback from other artists.


Looks great! One suggestion. The hexagon pattern seems a little static—it might be worth making them shift visibility over time. A cheap way to do that would be to just multiply them with a noise texture, but you’d lose some of the definition of the individual shapes; a more complicated but probably worthwhile alternative (and what I believe Blizzard’s doing in their version) would be to make each tile sample from a single place in the noise texture so the brightness is uniform across the whole tile. If you use Substance Designer, the Flood Fill to Position node would help you make a map for that.

Seems good, I will try the second version :smiley:

is the intersection from the depth map? What happens when a cube is intersecting and you look at it straight on? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I think it looks cool! I think perhaps the video is a bit laggy the first few seconds, but that made the pulsing stutter which I think looks cooler than having the pulse move outwards at a set speed.