Sheila: Sketch #30 - Fireworks

Hi everyone! :sparkles:

I have a special plan for this sketch… I wanted to learn POPs in Houdini for a while. So I’m taking this challenge as a motivation. Ultimately I will put the effect in Unreal Engine though, so it’s realtime :slight_smile:

Final Effect:

lower quality GIF

Feedback appreciated!


My reference is pretty simple, but I am happy enough if I can make that work and look good in time:

First pass of the effect in Houdini:

It is a simple set-up in Houdini, but it took some learning and research beforehand, because I have never used POPs before.

In case someone is interested, these videos and tutorials were my resources to learn. I also tried replicating the Firework shelf-tool in Houdini, which taught me alot.

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Just a small update: It works in Unreal now!

(I had some troubles with the Vertex Animation material not working…)


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Made it work in a Particle system and tweaked the colors today :blush:




Final Update:

I tweaked the timing in Houdini. Before it looked like the trails dissolved from the middle. But i wanted them to jump outwards quicker and then dissolve.

Also added a boom in the middle :boom:

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That looks awesome! It’s great that you learned something new, and helped others by showing which tutorials you used

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