Shaders and Particles Progress

Hey all, my name’s Jamie. I’ve been studying game development at staffs uni for a year and during lockdown I’ve been spending some time learning about shaders and how to build particle effects, so I figured posting to here would be a good idea.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated, i’m hoping to get good enough to work in industry at some point.

I’ve got a couple of pieces done already, the first being a stylised campfire.

The fire and smoke are all driven by a shader using noise and a gradient map. I’m not too pleased with the mesh I made so i’m gonna need to put some time in getting better at modelling.

This week I’ve been working on a portal effect, this was my first time using spritesheets and cubemaps so I still need to practice, but i’m okay with how it turned out.

The wind effect at the floor was made using a cartetsian to polar coordiantes function, which I made after finding the equation online.