Shader editor for unity 2019

Hi, me again. want to ask best editor option for unity 2019 is?
shader forge / amplify shader / shader graph?
also current project doesnt allow lwrp only using built-in renderer.

If you’re using the built-in pipeline, shader graph is not an option. Shader Forge is open source and therefore for free. It does a quite good job, but if you want to do any more complex effects I would recommend to either use amplify Shader or learn shader programming.

To me, Amplify Shader Editor would be the best option!

It resembles Unreal Engine’s material editor which is pretty cool. Also, it works with all the render pipelines.

But hey, if you’re on a budget, just use Shader Forge, it’s also great.

Shader Graph is still under development, and lacks some key features that those other two editors have.
Since you can’t use the LWRP on your current project, you won’t be able to use it.

Have a nice day!

@Lush @Johannski
Hey i notice shader forge is a good option, a lot people using it, resource easy to find
but the things is it seem like it doesnt support unity 2019 right?
i found someone fix it for unity 2019, but it still got some error , not sure is a big problem or not.

Amplify FTW, while waiting for shadre graph to be complete.
Amplify gets hotkeys, a lot of already ready nodes (outline, light attenuation etc etc), colors for a much better reading of the graph…and is compatible with every pipeline.

Forget shader forge, i think it’s not updated anymore so…u can of course, but it will be hard i think.

ya…i think so.
i will try to find more tutorials. If you have any resouce pls send me link :slight_smile: