Setting ribbon width from blueprint

Hi guys,

I’m trying to set Niagara ribbon width from a blueprint, but it looks like it doesn’t apply any changes.
Here is screenshot with my settings, I set up the parameter with 1000 just for testing purposes.
It looks like I need to do something in Niagara System to set up the parameter, but I don’t know what. =(

It’s a long shot but, are you sure it’s Particles.Ribbon Width and not Particles.RibbonWidth?

Yep. I tried it both ways. =)

Actually, some guys just helped me to found a solution. Maybe it will help someone.
To set parameter from outside niagara system, we need to select “Read from new User Parameter”, which is possible only by working inside niagara system and not niagara emitter. Then we need to check that we have this parameter in Parameters.
But don’t try to make sword slashes through ribbon on Niagara. It’s a nightmare so far.