Searching for VFX freelancer for indie MOBA

Unfortunately, I can’t afford a full job post, not to mention, this would just be a ~10 hour per week gig, so really looking to just hire a fresh student or someone with some extra time on theirs hands on weekends.

I run a MOBA project similar to League/HotS and we’re looking for a VFX person to come in and polish off a few of our effects (we’re in Unreal), as well as create a couple new ones, namely to bring us up to muster for our Kickstarter launch early next year. I won’t link the project or anything, but feel free to DM me for more info. Only expecting 10 or so hours a week, paid work of course. I will at the very least say, we are generally a cut above most indie projects with a higher quality standard, really aiming to blur the lines between AAA and indie. I can be reached on Discord at ‘cthomlison#2648’

If this isn’t the place to post this, does anyone have any recommendations on where to find people? I’ve gone through a TON of Artstation stuff and messaged everyone I saw that had similar work, but not sure if there’s a better outlet to find someone.