Rotation Over Life help UE4

Hello again i’m working on an exploding rune effect and i’m trying to get the rings to rotate and stop during the effects lifetime but I can’t seem to figure out how to control the speed of the rotation and at what point during the emitters life the spin begins if anyone has any idea how to get this to work I would appreciate it, ill continue to try and fix it in the mean time

2018-05-02 07-10-53

set initial rotation rate to any value you like, then use Rot Rate * Life to scale it. values of 0 will be no rotation. should be easy enough to animation the Rot Rate * Life values to get it to start and stop

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Thank you for the quick response it fixed my problem, i’m still getting use to how a lot of features of cascade and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the rotation over life stuff

I suggest contorlling in the material .

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For generic setups like OP’s, this is a good alternative thats generally less of a hassle.

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