Rotating Niagara Decals is broken on 4.27

Hi there!

I am trying to rotate a Niagara decal. I am assuming that the relative location parameter in the Decal Component Renderer is expecting a quaternion.

I am almost able to choose the Z rotation when the decal is placed on the ground, but it jumps on some values. It doesn’t work with all values, and it’s even worst when animated.

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This is how I customize the rotation:

Using a custom quaternion:

Am I missing something? I believe the behavior is the same on UE 5+, but I could give it another try.

The GIF is quite difficult to be inspected for your scratch pad, but here is my way of rotating the decal.
You can replace the AngleInDegrees with your own parameter with the range of [0,360].

Edit: Changed “From Vector” from [1,0,0] to [-1,0,0] for the correct facing of the decal. Otherwise the resultant orientation would be flipped, which is particularly problematic when calculating the correct normal.


Thanks for your answer :pray: I am still facing jumping issues on 4.27, see how the decal jumps and doesn’t rotate in the same way as the cube (they both use the same quaternion).


Unfortunately this doesn’t happen to me. I wonder if this is something got fixed in UE5…

If there is no issue within the range of [0,360] degree, you can do a pseudo-float modulo like this:
So the actual degree value will never exceed 360.

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I just gave it a try on 5.0, works perfectly. I guess it’s not possible on 4.27.
Thanks for your help!