Riot VFX Contest 2017 - Jordanov WIP

Hi there,
My name is Jordan “Jordanov” Jaminet, and this my entry for the Riot Creative Contest 2017.

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First, I will enter in the ‘Stylized’ category.
On my idea, I will do some “spirit projectiles” coming from shadow isle. My main inspirations will be mainly Kalista, Hecarim and Karthus for the projectiles color.
The Target will deploy a magic shield to block the projectiles, but will be broken after several hits. Then, the attacker will throw a final projectile in order to destroy his target.


This is my references, I made 2 moodboard :

This is the main references of the Projectile, with floating smoke trail and colors from Shadow Islands.

Then, some ideas for the shield effect, not sur for now about the behavior or the look.

In this section, I will post all my WIP I have for now :

First Iteration :

Second Iteration :

Third Iteration :

Last Iteration :


Hey everyone !

I continue my block out and the research for my effect. I guess I am near to what I want about the feeling. I work a lot on the way I wanted it to be stylized, but now I have to work on the colors and the timing.

Any critics are welcomed as always :smiley:


I like the effect motion so far! But the second half of the effect looks not so powerful like the first one. When the caster was setted on fire I thought like “oh, there something gonna be” but beam doesn’t looks so powerful. Maybe you should move in that direction?

Hey everyone,

Big changes here : I decided to simplify my Fx, to add more dynamism. I worked also a lot on the way I wanted it to be stylized, on a kind on anime style I guess.

Still a lot to do, and any suggestions are always welcomed.

Cheers. :smiley:



Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, I had a big problem of rythm and intensity I guess. I tried to simplify the effect to move in that way, but you’re right about everything ! :smiley:

Really digging the look of this! I feel that you could almost double the speed of the build up though. The effect takes a while to get going. Especially in a game like League of Legends where even a half second is a long time.

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Right now it looks much better than before!
I feel I fall in love with that flow lines - so smooth motions! How did you managed to do this? It’s not a simple ribbons, I guess?

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Yes, I guess you’re right for the build up, I will do it a little faster.

And yes, when I thought the effect in the first pass, I didn’t thought at all about League’s challenge, like visibility or gameplay. But know, as I begin to have the spirit, I guess it’s time to work on colors, timing, relative to LoL and what’s already on the game ! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

What’s ‘flow lines’ areyou thinking about ? On the build up ?

I am using this texture on the ribbon :


Then, I applied a smooth Turbulence in order to deform the whole ribbon.
I also used the ‘Alpha Remap’ function in PopcornFx, in order to have a nice dissolve effect. That’s why my border are blurred, because the function does the transition from completely transparent to opaque texture. It’s like an animated threshold effect (like in Photoshop or Substance for example).

I don’t know if I was very clear on my explanation :sweat_smile:

If I finish before the deadline, I guess I will post a kind of breakdown if you want :smiley:


Thank you!
I’m not really into PopcornFX, but I understand your explanation well! But breakdown in future would be great to see!
Good luck with finishing contest before deadline! :wink:

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Oh man, I love this iteration. Great direction to take the look of the effects, feeling very stylized and unique. My only feedback would be to see if you can push the fire and dust/clouds (that are being sucked in during the build-up) in that stylized art-direction. Looking really strong! Looking forward to seeing where you take this from here.


Good job man :slight_smile:
Personally I would have the beam start off a bit more intense and wide and then fade into what you have now. I’d also try and get some more color in there. It’s a bit monochrome right now.

I made a little example of adding color and then there’s a great video of how LoL Lux ultimate works. I hope some of it might be of some use to you!


Good luck and keep up the good work!


Looks really cool!

Can I ask if you created the pointy meshes of the laser next to the spheres with a mesh with a texture on it or some other way? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the final result!

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Hey everyone, I was kind of busy this past few days but I’ll try to post an update before the end of the week !

@Seth_Haak Thank you for your feedback ! I already start to stylized the dust, the only part I left behind ! Also, thank you for your support !

@jqarlsson Hey, thanks for the paint over and the video ! This is gold to me, thanks a lot ! I know that I’ll have to make a big color pass, but didn"t thought a lot about it. This will definitly help me, thanks again !

@AntonDessov Hey ! Actually, it’s just a simple MuzzleFlash lookalike texture. Actually, this is this texture :

I simply spawn few on different orientation with the same origin, with a very little life, so this stay very dynamic ! I hope I answer well to you, if you have any question you know where to find me ! :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, how you doing ?

It’s been a long time and I didn"t change that much the effect, just a few correction !

So this is it, the final entry !

Hope you like it, I really enjoyed doing this ! GL everyone :smile: