Ribbon random lifetime setup

I have a specific setup in Niagara in which ribbons are driven by a bunch of particles simulated in local space (position of ribbons is translated from local to world space thus the trail is attached to an object as a result). The lifetime of the effect is determined by an animation notifier. As a result I can not use particles lifetime to control lifetime of the ribbons.

My question is - how can I randomize ribbons lenght/lifetime?

What I have tried is:

  • random float on initialize ribbon lifetime parameter in spawn
  • random float on initialize ribbon lifetime parameter in event handler section
  • both of the above using “Particles ID Tag/Index” in random seed.

The result is always wobbly ribbons and total chaos. As I understand the lifetime change is applied on every step of ribbon generation as opposed to initial spawn.

Any hint will be appreciated!

Figured it out.


Mate, Cheers! You just solved the puzzle of the year! :smiley:

Initializing in Spawn works!

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