How to pass a single random colour to entire ribbon each time its spawned?

Hi, fairly new to Niagara but I’m trying to create a ribbon effect that will use a single random colour, from a random range, across the entire ribbon each time it is fired off, and not colour the individual particles that make the ribbon up (which is what happens if I use random range in InitlializeParticle, which makes sense). I have been googling and checking this forum to try and get the answer and I believe I’m now close, but maybe the smart minds in here can help me across the finish line or give me a smarter way. This realtimeVFX post is very close to what I need, but I’m a simple man and cantquite get it to do what I need.

Right now I’m adding a color module with a random range, but using a deterministic, random seed. If I plug in random numbers, I get random colours, great. I was going to parametrise this random seed and just get my friendly coder to just pass a random number through each time the effect is used, but I feel it would be cleaner to have all the logic just happen in the system, if possible.

If I understand correctly, you want that “eah instance of this system have a random color”, right ?
Like there is only one ribbon in each niagara systems, but each time this system is triggered it would have a different color for the entire ribbon ?

If yes, you can do way much simplier than that :wink:
You just have to create a “Set new or existing parameter directly” module in your system spawn stage. Then this random color will be selected for the all system each time the system spawn. You just have to plug this new System variable inside the color of your ribbon particles for it to be done :slight_smile:

(don’t have the engine available right now, hope it is clear enough, if not ask about some screenshots :wink: )

Yes that’s correct, the system is only fired when its needed, and it will only ever have the one ribbon per system ‘fire’, and I want the colour of the ribbon to be random each time it fires.
Now you have said that, it does makes sense to setup the random colour in the system rather than the particles. I will have a look tomorrow morning and see what I can do. Thanks for the reply!
EDIT: I have since tried this and it worked a treat, thanks very much for your help.

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