Rhythm Overdrive VFX & art - Ludum Dare 41

Hey everyone !

I wanted to share with you the game we made for LD41 this week end, with 2 friends of mine.


We used Unity, and while my friends were coding the game, I did the art, VFX and shaders (except typo).

My philosophy when doing those VFX was to match the catchy neon/electro theme of our game while giving the necessary feedback to the player.

But you know, I love smooth shapes and fancy explosions, so sometimes it may be confusing :sweat_smile:
I wanted the weapons to be really satisfying. However, even if I really like the timing of the multicolor explosions, I think I should change something in the colors.

Another effect that needs some rework is the combo flame. I should’ve put the same effect than the power upgrade one, but I didn’t have enough time to change this before the final build.

The shader work was really interesting. Quite simple, but the feeling of hexagons bumping at the songs’ BPM is really enjoyable. It’s mostly a lot of steps/pan in amplify, but it does the job !

Here is the trailer if you want to have a look !

And if you want to try the game, feel free to download it on our page !

It would be really nice to have some feedback / critics from you guys about VFX, because we plan to make a more complete version of this game during this summer ( and add the possibility to use custom musics ! )
It was by far one of my favourite projects ever made, and I would love to put it on a bigger and better level. :yum:

Thanks for reading this big block of text ! I hope you enjoyed the visuals a bit :smile:
Feel free to ask me any questions ( and sorry if there is some english mistakes ! )


So much glow I love it :smiley:

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Great job! Exceptionnal considering that you nailed it over the weekend.

One of my critique would be that the fireworks effect’s trails appear to be affected by gravity quite suddently at the end of their lifetime. I think it creates some odd shapes.

Thanks for sharing!


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@SmearKees Thanks !

@LJ_FX Thank you ! Yeah, I played with the curve a little, but not perfectly. I’ll try to find a better motion for these trails !

beautiful!!! Big fan of shmups!

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I can hear the ‘pewpewpewpewpewpewpew’ from here. I friggin love it. 10/10.

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