Reaper VFX study: am I doing it right?

Hey guys!
So, this time, I’m trying to recreate Reaper (Overwatch) teleport VFX on Unity.

I separated the effect into 3 parts:

  1. The base, contains 2 particles, one from the inside, which rotates a bit slower than the outer one.
  2. The inner purple glow, that is 2 particles one for the base and one for the inner glow
  3. A cylinder-like mesh which has this dark energy rising effect

So, first question: is this structure cool? Did I read the VFX correctly/in a smart way?

I think part 1 and 2 are quite ok, need some work to make it feel right yet but is on the way.

Now, the cylinder-like mesh part is tough haha I can’t get it right and I’m not quite sure where the problem is. Probably I need to find a way to fade the upper part but, even so, the effect itself is looking like trash haha is that a scrolling texture happening on the original effect? It seems to be happening something else that I can’t read it.

The last thing, I promise! haha Do you have some tips on how I can do this dark energy effect? I struggled to create the texture myself so I improvised the base part and I think it’s getting quite nice, but I wasn’t able to improvise the texture for the cylinder-like part :sweat_smile:


My VFX until now:

Also, a print of my super cylinder-like model haha