Real-Time VFX References/Inspirations

Hey there, real-time VFX artists!

Starting this thread to share the VFX inspiration blogs we’re posting on the Beyond-FX Blog!

Today… LIGHTNING: Real-Time VFX Reference Vault: Lightning | Beyond-FX

Here’s one full of references for Crumbling Walls/Destruction VFX: Real-Time VFX Reference Vault: Destruction - Crumbling Walls | Beyond-FX

We’ll update this thread with more VFX reference roundups as we post them!


Today on the Beyond-FX Blog, we rounded up some of our favorite real-time VFX inspirations for EXPLOSIONS: Real-Time VFX Reference Vault: Explosions | Beyond-FX


What references do you use when creating real-time explosions? :thinking:


We have new real-time VFX references for you, and this week the theme is: space!


Any references you’d include in this list? :thinking:


Check out our roundup of real-time smoke VFX in this week’s Reference Vault on the Beyond-FX Blog!


:sweat_drops: From waves crashing against the shoreline to liquid shifting in a glass, we bet you all can think of an example of video games with incredible water VFX.


:page_with_curl: For our VFX artists out there, we’ve compiled this handy list of references to use when creating your next real-time water effect:

Whether it be humans, aliens, mutants, or monsters, blood effects are essential to a character’s vulnerability, and consequence to damage or injury. It can conjure emotional reactions of sympathy, excitement, fear, and disgust through its splattering, oozing, dripping, squirting or staining.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite blood references, and in the immortalized words of Major “Dutch” Schaefer, "If it bleeds, we can kill it.”


:page_with_curl: Check out these awesome references on today’s Reference Vault blog! VFX Reference Vault: Blood