Real-Time VFX References/Inspirations

Hey there, real-time VFX artists!

Starting this thread to share the VFX inspiration blogs we’re posting on the Beyond-FX Blog!

Today… LIGHTNING: Real-Time VFX Reference Vault: Lightning | Beyond-FX

Here’s one full of references for Crumbling Walls/Destruction VFX: Real-Time VFX Reference Vault: Destruction - Crumbling Walls | Beyond-FX

We’ll update this thread with more VFX reference roundups as we post them!


Today on the Beyond-FX Blog, we rounded up some of our favorite real-time VFX inspirations for EXPLOSIONS: Real-Time VFX Reference Vault: Explosions | Beyond-FX


What references do you use when creating real-time explosions? :thinking:


We have new real-time VFX references for you, and this week the theme is: space!


Any references you’d include in this list? :thinking:


Check out our roundup of real-time smoke VFX in this week’s Reference Vault on the Beyond-FX Blog!


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:sweat_drops: From waves crashing against the shoreline to liquid shifting in a glass, we bet you all can think of an example of video games with incredible water VFX.


:page_with_curl: For our VFX artists out there, we’ve compiled this handy list of references to use when creating your next real-time water effect:

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Whether it be humans, aliens, mutants, or monsters, blood effects are essential to a character’s vulnerability, and consequence to damage or injury. It can conjure emotional reactions of sympathy, excitement, fear, and disgust through its splattering, oozing, dripping, squirting or staining.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite blood references, and in the immortalized words of Major “Dutch” Schaefer, "If it bleeds, we can kill it.”


:page_with_curl: Check out these awesome references on today’s Reference Vault blog! VFX Reference Vault: Blood

:rainbow: From Somewhere Over the Rainbow, to the Double Rainbow, to Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road, one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena has been an inspiration behind art, music, scenery, and even a hilarious viral video. We’ve compiled a colorful list of some of our favorite rainbow references for your visual delight.



:mage: Are you a #VFX wizard looking for inspiration for your next magical effect?

:magic_wand: Look no further! We’ve conjured up this list of references to use when crafting your next spellbinding real-time effect. :star2:



:fire: Fire is one of the most captivating elements in VFX to create stunning visuals. In today’s Reference Vault, we’ve compiled a list of our hottest references to ignite your imagination. So get ready to burn baby burn as we bring you our disco inferno of fire.


:mag_right: Glass, transparent and destructible, is one of the most versatile elements in VFX. It can shatter, reflect, be molded, and refract light, alone or in combination with each other. We’ve collected some of our favorite glass references in our reference vault, inviting you to see that the glass is not just half full, but overflowing with creativity!


:boom: Lock and load. Bang-bang! Muzzle flashes hold an immense power and intensity to action sequences in movies and video games. Flashes of light, flames, and smoke make up just a few of the elements produced by the ignition and combustion of gunpowder. Here’s a list of some of our favorite muzzle flash references!


:fog: “A cloud touching the ground,” or fog, can be used to add atmosphere, mood, mystery or even reflections to a setting. It can be used to hide or reveal storytelling elements through its thickness and dissipation, or how light interacts with the environment. Don’t get lost in the mist as we list some of our favorite fog references!


:seedling: Grass can be an essential element for an environment as it can add depth and realism to the world. It’s versatility can can be used to create natural or fantastical landscapes, while creating a sense of scale, distance, color and detail.

Here’s a list of some our grass inspirations in this week’s vault!


:face_in_clouds: Now you see them, now you don’t! Invisibility and camouflage have the ability to make something, or someone, disappear or seamlessly blend in with their surroundings. We’ve gathered some of our favorite vanishing act references that you have to see to believe!



:sweat_drops: Viscous fluid effects are oozing with creativity! Slow flowing elements like lava, glue, slime, sludge, syrup or any other type of gooey substance can be used from horror and sci-fi, to real world materials. Here are some of our favorite examples of viscous fluids in this week’s reference vault.


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:hole: Today’s #VFX Reference Vault is all about: 🅟🅞🅡🅣🅐🅛🅢!

Like the kind that take you from here to… :cyclone:

:cyclone: …there!

:page_with_curl: Portal yourself to inspiration: VFX Reference Vault: Portals

RV-17 (2)

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:robot: Bring your sci-fi VFX into reality with the help of today’s Reference Vault!

:alien: Our roundup of inspirations includes everything from Tardis’ to tesseracts!

:point_right: VFX Reference Vault: Sci-Fi


:wind_chime: This week, our Reference Vault is forecasting: WIND!

:tornado: If you’re a VFX Artist looking for inspiration for your next tornado, gale, or cyclone effect, let the breeze carry you into today’s reference roundup!

RV-19 (1)


:smiling_imp: We’ve summoned the most sinister roundup of dark magic VFX in today’s Reference Vault.

:man_mage: Beware of otherworldly inspiration!

(∩◕ᗜ◕)⊃━☆゚.* VFX Reference Vault: Dark Magic


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:heart: We love laser effects.

:white_check_mark: They look spectacular coming out of a blaster.

:white_check_mark: They look threatening as epic heist obstacles.

:white_check_mark: They look vibrant in sci-fi environments.

:page_with_curl: Here’s a roundup of inspirations you can reference when creating laser #VFX!


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