Real-Time VFX Quick Tips from the Beyond-FX Blog

:zap: Want to preview your Unreal Engine VFX with lightning speed? We’re here to help!

:eyes: Check out two shortcuts we :heart: when working in Niagara.


:brain: Did you know you can stretch your real-time VFX particles based on velocity?

:page_with_curl: In today’s Quick Tip, we show you how it’s done!


:straight_ruler: If you have limited texture space to work with when creating a real-time effect, there are several ways you can maximize the space you do have.

:brain: Here are some of our tricks! VFX Quick Tip: Timing and Spacing Tricks for Textures


:thinking: What are some of yours? Share them with us below!


:brain: Here’s a Unity hack we love for animating particles by using custom vertex data!

:pencil2: With this method, we utilize the third channel of our UV node to drive a simple subtraction dissolve at the end of our splat.

:brain: Did you know Unreal Engine allows you to do quick math in its input boxes?

:white_check_mark: Knowing these shortcuts can give you more control over your #VFX creations!

:brain: Did you know you can separate color channels as groups in Adobe Photoshop?

:red_circle::large_blue_circle::yellow_circle: This allows you to have complex layer structures on each channel rather than working destructively on a single layer.

:dizzy_face: As VFX Artists, we know how tedious it can be to get a flat grid from a loopy, windy mesh.

:brain: Here’s a technique we use in Maya to make the process more painless!

:star_struck: Hey VFX Artists! Did you know this handy Unreal Engine trick?

:chart_with_upwards_trend: You can use the material function PlotFunctionOnGraph to visually debug your functions. Here’s how to try it out!

:thinking: Did you know that Unreal Engine’s Niagara editor allows you to transform your particle attributes upon collision?

:film_projector: In today’s Quick Tip, we break down how you can use this feature set to alter your particles’ color and velocity!

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