Rainstorm Fx

Hi Everyone, this is an Fx I’m currently making for my Demo Reel.This is my first time doing an environment FX and I think its starting to come together. I’m still working on the post processing fx for the camera and few little polishes here and there.
If there is anything that could be done to make the work pop or feel more polished let me know. Or any other criticisms as well.



Below i list a bunch of things i noticed that could use improvement as feedback.

Your refraction on the ground puddle might be too much and probably its the same for the on screen drip and on the actual rain.

Raindrops might be a bit too big.
Ground splashes are not animated at all they just appear and dissapear.
Ground doesn’t feel wet with the amount of rain, I would work on the wetness.
Add some misty bits on the ground and higher up to give a better impression of a thicker rain.

Keep going it will get there.

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I agree with all of @DieByZer0’s points here. The scene looks completely dry for he amount of rain supposedly falling. Everything should be dripping with water.

The volumetric light cones should not be so uniform, that’s what they look like in still mist, not in rain. They too should be streaked with rain, like this:

Indeed, unless it’s really light rain, or really really heavy rain, most of that kind of uniform fog will have been flushed away. In heavy rain the “fog” is actually the rain itself, or the result of water tossed up by the raindrop splashes. So ground surfaces will have a layer of thick “fog” over it and the higher up “fog” will be streaked and noisy.

The ground should be shiny too, so much so that the cracks are effectively invisible with the exception of a feint shadow as the water will be filling them in. Any puddles would not have nice even ripples in it, but a noisy mess.

Raindrops are not the generic neat droplet shape people expect. They are still mostly spherical, but are moving and vibrating so fast that they effectively blur the refractions you see through them. Mostly they just look like white streaks lit by the world, so lit white particles, or blurred refractions / local cubemap sampling will look much more like rain than this.

Ground splashes can probably be saved by there just being more of them, and giving them much shorter life spans. The splash from a raindrop is usually over very quickly.

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