Question about ue4 Translucent Material Refraction

I wanna make effect in this video

Based on what i know in unreal, refraction can’t affect to other translucent material

but in the video that beam effect affected by triangle refraction material ( if i miss something let me know about it.)
I really don’t know how to do that Pls help!!!
Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english :frowning:

Hi Hedgehog,

Whether translucent materials get affected or not, depends whether they’re done in the main or the separate translucency pass. There’s a project setting for that:

if you check your GPU visualizer, you might see this:

So, in order to fix this, you either change your project settings (might cause knock on issues on other assets) or you uncheck this flag in each translucent material you’d like to be affected by refraction:

Here’s an example of a translucent material being affected:

Hope that helps!


It works!!
Thanks for the solution
Really Apprciate It !!!

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