Question About creating VFX textures!


Hello everyone, I am real new to game VFX , but I would like to learn to create textures for VFX. Now i know some photoshop and after effects but it’s not enough. I searched for tutorials, books, courses, but I couldn’t find any. Do you guys know such sites from where I could learn? And I have another big problem, how do I make a texture like this or similar to it? wind


I think that something like that could be achieved easily with Photoshop


soft round brush for basic shapes, and a soft round smudge tool at 15% to blur your shapes could get you something very similar.

^that technique in combination with filters menu will usually get you what you want. Gaussian blur, motion blur, other>min, other>max are the ones I use the most and will get you pretty far!


Looks like radial blur is useful here - there’s Spin and Zoom options.

Also don’t forget that you can always make a texture as a straight flat thing and then apply it to a mesh in Maya and use deformers to get a nice curve. Great for things like rings where you want to convert a square into a circle.

Hope that helps!


Hi, it’s very simple to do. First you need beautiful trail. Then:


I started using Substance Designer for these kind of things. What @ErbGameArt showed can be done procedural for more and different results (but of course you’ll need to go through similar steps as he showed).


Get good with after effects as well as substance designer. There are a bunch of tutorials online which will show you the basics of both tools.