PopcornFX v2 Open Beta



Hi everyone !

PopcornFX v2 is now in open beta !

The tool has been redesigned entirely, with the following key changes:

  • Node graph workflow
  • New layer (emitter) graph and timeline
  • New template system:
    • Allows you to reuse graph nodes everywhere
    • Hide complex behaviours, tweak easily
  • GPU simulation available in editor
  • No need to script everything: experienced users can still benefit from scripts (and the new auto completion !), but you can avoid scripting entirely using nodes
  • Editor available on Windows, Mac, Linux

For those of you willing to give it a try: https://www.popcornfx.com/services/editor-v2/

The editor also comes with a UE4 plugin so you can try effects in engine:

We are eager to know what you guys think!



Hi everyone,

We just released PopcornFX v2 Beta-2!

What’s new:

New tutorials added to online packages, you should check them out

Display of shape samplers in the viewport like we had in v1:

Easily insert nodes instead of rewiring manually (Ctrl+Space also works):

Spatial layers!

CPU/GPU simulation bounds computed

For advanced users, display of per instruction performance and execution rate:

And lots of bug/crash fixes, you can see the full changelog in the beta download portal: https://www.popcornfx.com/services/editor-v2/.

Have fun!