PopcornFX, recommended or not?


I would like to know your thoughts on PopcornFX. I saw many people using it and loved the results I found on Pinterest and Artstation!

Do you guys recommend it and why?



If you are hitting the walls of your current package and find that you can’t make the super advanced stuff you are after, Popcorn is a great alternative. If you are making things that could have been made in the default editor, it’s just adding unnecessary bulk to the pipe.

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If you require complicated effects with multiple emitters its great, An example making effects for an MMo with lots of power attacks etc.

I would use it even for games with lesser complication effects like a racing game but thats personal preference and it might not be up to you but the project.

I don’t see any drawback on using it other than the need to go back and forth between pk and editor.

At least in unity, I found that to be a pretty significant drawback in production. Not being able to see the effect in the level while tweaking. Though this was a while ago when there was a nasty bug that would crash unity if I had it open when exporting the package. Haven’t dared to use it since that project.