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Another update!

I have to say, Jason Keysers mentorship ( has helped me improve much more than I would have ever thought i could have by myself. I’m going to be sticking around for a LONG time and i would honestly recommend it to anyone else.


New Effect, still recreating the spells from Diablo 2, and working on the druid.

And this is the effect I"m referencing
It’s a druid spell called “Cyclone Armor”


another update!, wind is sure difficult to get across!


Started a new effect, Gonna make this one the biggest one I’ve worked on yet. I want to match the league of legends vfx style, so I’m following the released style guide.


i love that you took diablo2 as reference…i really like that game and its effects :slight_smile:


Music to my ears! lol Yeah dude I love me some Diablo @simonschreibt , I’m eventuallly going to finish remaking all those spells, cause like you said MAN are they cool :slight_smile:


best fx ever: when you kill a hintress…this blue dragon soul raising to the air is awesome!


Dude, it made killing them sooo gratifying. Especially taking out huge swathes of them with something like a Lightning Javazon . UGH! so cool


recently i made a gif from that and noticed, that those souls just plop away at the end. there is no smooth fade out…never noticed that when i played the game :smiley:


Yup! I also noticed, in the Hurrican spell for the druid, Nothing’s really happening visually lol. YOu’ve just got this opaque circle with some shapes going around you lol. And then suddenly it stops.



Changed up the second part WAY more, And I like this new result


blooop! finally got setup at work. still got some more things to do but yeah I was able to finally work again last night.


Getting the assets in place. It’s a little frustrating that it doesnt look EXACTLY Like the concept right now, but I still have a long way to go.

Here are the things I want to address on it so far. C&C welcome obv.

-Fix the seem on the tornado

-dont have the smoke all exit at once.

-Have some floaty specs/particles, Like little balls of light blink and fade out.

-Create a better decal for the ground

-create some smoke/dust the gets moved around on the ground due to the shockwave.

-Create a shockwave.

-have the heat reach up from the ground (see Ike’s neutral “b”)

-Have an impact ring expand from wherever the most force is coming from (the base of the tornado?).

  • See if you can light up the inside of the tornado, from the lightning.

-The swooshes on the outside still feel like billboards. Think about how to resolve that.

-Maybe have the lightning “charge” up the ground.


man, this whole thing has changed a LOT
. I’m still figuring out that whole tornado part, and how to make it look ok haha, but Heres the first part.