Peters: Embergen Challenge

Thank you! :slight_smile: Yes, definitely you are right. This is on my to-do list and I’m going to address this later. During upcoming weekend I will try to do a bigger update :slight_smile:

I’m back, still working and balancing things, tomorrow I will start rendering new explosions from EmberGen and replacing current ones with more variations.


This is looking great!


On the end I didn’t had time to finish this like I wanted but anyway I was way to busy at work then I thought :slight_smile: This challenge was awesome! This was my first time when I used Unreal to work on FX things and I had opportunity to work with Embergen! :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!

Final submission:


Awesome work, how did you do the Camera @peters ?

Here’s a quick reminder that this Challenge closes this evening! Don’t forget to submit your final video to JangaFX using this Form if you’ve yet!

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I used my mouse to record the camera motion and then I applied filter to remove some keys and simplify camera animation curve. Not perfect solution but works fine :slight_smile:

nice! I thought maybe you used your phone as a virtual camera or something :slight_smile:
works pretty well!

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Good job , those explosions look great !) A bit of a camera shake , dust and…it would make up a film-grade fx :slight_smile: :+1:
I wonder what’s the size of the flipbook(s) though)