Chris Nordgren: Sketch #2 WIP Wisp/Portal

I will start doing a classic blue wisp and then possibly adding a more animation flare to it, impact or something. I see where it goes and what feels right!

Gonna try out more trails and try out @ShannonBerke’s tutorial


First there was one wisp, now there are several ones!

(damn this forum is the best making play buttons for my gifs)

I might make so one turns red and explodes. Whatever looks good and feels nice. I have a bunch of references here I used:
Just classic Will’o’wisp images found on google, here are a few that I looked extra into

Configured more behavior for the wisps. They collide with stuff and emitt playful sparks and I can tell them to go red and explode themselves. The explosion is something I want to be a little discreet but still have a little impact.

Might want to look into making it more yellow firey.

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More progress, many minor tweaks and made the explosions more interesting.

I am starting to feel quite happy with the result, and I got tons of time left. If anyone has ideas to further push this I am all ears!

I imagine this could fit into my next portfolio reel. I’ve a posted my previous work here: Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren - #37 by anon26230932

Looking awesome man! Your really snappy timing with the explodies is so fun to watch xD. Really nice work overall! My only thing I would bring up is that the heads of the particles are getting a little blown out and any shapes that you could use for those areas are hard to see. Looking at your really nice references you can see these really cool shapes and subtle value shifts throughout with the brightest 1% being perhaps white. Maybe trying to get some of that in would be cool :). Also I really like the trails, but they do feel a little static.Breaking that up a bit might help it feel more fluid.

As always, keep up the rad work man!

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Thank you for the feedback!
I agree with you and toned down the light, I think the gifs also overexposes them a little extra. But I will configure the trail a little bit more and look into to get some of that purple

Now here is a typical video game drug effect(chromatic aberration) with dancing wisps:

I love how cute it looks at first, and then the chromatic aberration gives it a creepier and creepier atmosphere over time, as if those wisps were trying to summon the devil. :stuck_out_tongue:

And great job as always. :slight_smile:

I am just dragging that slider to -500 and up again 500

How it felt:

@PetrieTheWild I’ve made very very subtle changes on the colors, have been configuring the trail a little. Gonna leave this for a while in its current state and look into this in a few days.

I’ve got some distortion shaders to look into that @Sirhaian shared :slight_smile:


Calling it done, pretty much the same thing but I configured just minor tweaks.

It was fun flexing more advanced movement behavior, but I think I might made it to “messy”, maybe I should I have polished its base more :slight_smile:


Looking really nice dude! GJ :smiley: