Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren

Love it all & that match 3 is fantastic!

@alex.underhill thanks! need to get back to match 3 asap. Been busy with non fx related things lately

I’ve made some more sparks for Black Future, the particles spawn the same direction currently, engine issue that is gonna be fixed later. There can be more improvements done here but I’ll take it into the next effect :slight_smile:


Oh my god … loved all of them … amazing timing, colors and style

@iNoob Thank you! more of that coming! :slight_smile:
But not right now:

I decided to approach to make a UI for the gem fx part. I knew it was gonna be hard. I know I can do a lot better when regarding to art direction.

I think working with UI is great and I could easily see myself working with UI that is interactive, but I mostly want to focus on the FX parts and play to my strengths for these pieces. I will probably have a minimized UI just for portfolio purposes.

I will be starting a new thread for the VFX sketch(Official VFX Sketch #2: Portal / Wisp - #6 by Elyaradine), but I will also post here because I intended to do it in similar style and it will possibly be part of the upcoming reel.

I’ve been juggling daytime work, freelance work and this portfolio making, lot on my plate but I am sure I will make it :slight_smile:

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I would suggest to play with a different hue, or more “happy” colors for your UI. since the center is very colorful but the surrounds are mostly black/autumn brown-gold… over all I like it ^^

I appreciete the feedback @Ohadgfx. I think I will play it quite grey and non interfering because of the FX for these pieces thou :slight_smile:

I’ve joined the VFX sketch-thing. Check out the thread here: Chris Nordgren: Sketch #2 WIP Wisp/Portal - #3 by ChrisNordgren

Here is the latest image:



Just update on the healing effect. I don’t wanna go to overkill, its more of a minor nature heal.

Probably might take a little inspiration from Alexander Savchenko reel, I really like his buff effects.


For the gem board, I’d recommending not having it so bright and saturated normally. By toning it down some, it gives you a bit more value and saturation range to play with for your effects when you want to be drawing focus to specific gems.

Yes I totally agree. I will look into not blooming the gems to much. Thank you for pointing it out

Here is some new exploadable objects:


Very nice ! What is your approach on the missiles path finding? The AI looks really neat and nicely randomized, I would love to check a breakdown or short tutorial on it ^^


The initial locator has randomized rotation values and pushes the rigidbody missile with AddForce.

The projectile uses

Adding force onto the missile speed against target, which also gets multiplied through time to add speed.

I hope this makes sense!

I might do a breakdown later on once I get the pieces up on a better portfolio-reel state :slight_smile:


wow. … just wow … look at those colors and impacts <3 loved it

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Nice way of thinking, I didn’t realize the cube rotate until you wrote it. Its now making sense , cool simple approach. Well done bro!

ey thanks @iNoob and @Ohadgfx

I got a bit inspired by @veer and his thread about sword attacks (WIP - Sword Slash Attack :) - #3 by veer)

So I went and made a simple one also, gonna see what I can conjure up later on


More experiments with the slash effects


I finally got around and made a reel for the latest effects I made

I am starting to get so much material I am not sure what I should include. I thought I wanted to use Ayablaze footage( Because its much more of a collaborate effort. I’ve excluded the gems, for now. I want to have more effects and possibly stronger UI elements.

Please if you have any feedback, comments or thoughts I am more than happy to hear them.


The slash effect is sooo pretty! This catches my eye and I can’t stop looking at it though:

maybe just fade it out before it gets to that point if it can’t be resolved.

You’re stuff has a style of its own, I really dig it :slight_smile:

You’re work is fantastic, as others have said your timing and use of colours is great. How you represent such clear shapes in such a small amount of time… beautiful.

I’ll likely be trying to recreate some of your effects here to get better at these aspects myself, assuming that’s all good. I’d love to know more about your process.

Keep up the excellent work friend :slight_smile:

@NateLane Thank you for pointing out that issue. Its something I’ve been actively been struggling but I decided to just record it and see if anyone would notice it same way I did. I will find a solution and re-record it whenever I get a opening! :slight_smile:

@Agilethief I would love to see your effects that might be inspired by mine.
I have gotten requests to make my assets available for purchase in asset store, I am not suggesting you to buy them, I just want to share what I am doing and if it would be useful for you.
All effects are technically all made with shuriken particle systems and using unity components that are made for free. except Shader Forge.

I base my effects a lot on . I usually try to enhance elements using those principles :slight_smile:


Cartoon explosion pack I am currently looking into for unity asset store.

A few people have requested having those explosions available for assetstore

I was thinking 4 different colors, 4 shape variations, making sure they are resizeable.
Is there any suggestions or thoughts anyone would think of?

Maybe a version with less particles or similar?