Personal practice

A Personal practice and happy new year:rofl:
Refer to《League of legends》Ziggs、Egypt、The Eye of Horus、Pyramid and so on…

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Hi! i have a couple questions!

The first one is, are there any shaders that u made specifically to make the (colors) panner from not visible to visible, example; The shockwave that lights up the effect after the inital charge of the circulating lights

Second, is the rotating lights a seperate effect and or is it a mesh?

Thirdly; can u show how many layers that is? would really help, even more so if you can show a gif of all the different layers doing their animation seperately!

Tank you so much!

1:it use 14 special shaders for this effect ,7shaders is new for this effect ,most special shaders is use for TextureDissolve,Fresnel,DepthBlend,Distortion,SecondUV Texcoord for AlphaTexture
2:it is a ring mesh,panner/offset the texture on it ↓↓↓

3:11 layers for sphere bomb,4 layers for bomb trail,57 layers for explode ↓↓↓(弹:sphere bomb,尾:bomb trail,爆炸:explode)I’m going to upload a video to show you Shaded、Wireframe、ShadedWireframe、Overdraw of this effect.
%E5%BE%AE%E4%BF%A1%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87_20190224132946 %E5%BE%AE%E4%BF%A1%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87_20190224132954 %E5%BE%AE%E4%BF%A1%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87_20190224132957 %E5%BE%AE%E4%BF%A1%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87_20190224133000

there are Wireframe、ShadedWireframe、Overdraw of this effect↓↓↓

it is a video show Shaded、Wireframe、ShadedWireframe、Overdraw of this effect↓↓↓

I didn’t optimize it so it spend so many layer and mesh···:rofl:

this has been extremely helpful! Thank you so much for your detailed explenation and work!

May i ask? Are you self taught or did you study VFX? Online course?

I had 6 months of basic training in my first company,It started in November 2015,it is very useful,
and taught myself after June 2017.

Cool!!! I like!!! How to learn art with you?
:grinning:Why are you so Diao!?

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so when you were hired they trained you? Do all companies do this?

Because I learned it from you:crazy_face:

Before the probation period,as a effect trainee.This is the only company that will do that right now

There will be a selection test after the training and weed out the unqualified,the rest begin their internships

Very cool!!!! Coach,can i learn to cook with you?

Learn how to drive with me :crazy_face:

我要学, 开车什么的最欢乐了. 订阅了你的youtube,期待大佬更多的练习分享.

:rofl: 我产量很低的···不过近期还要再搞一个练习···感谢大佬捧场

Cool. Welcome aboard. 继续努力

好的大佬,我还在脱离菜鸡的道路上挣扎着 :rofl: