Personal practice


in what language is this “training” period? English or only country specific? Cause i really want to get better but its either a load of money and get a appartment in america or its somewhere in asia and is country locked.

i just want to learn visual effects, i live for this but… i literally dont know where to go.


i dont have contacts and im not an important person, all i want to do is to create special VFX forever you know? Thats all im good at really.


Chinese,some Chinese VFXer made some tutorials
some tutorials and vido trailer ↓↓↓
CGwell游戏特效提高班报名方式详细 - 活动新闻&站务专区 - CGwell CG薇儿论坛,最专业的游戏特效师,动画师社区 - Powered by Discuz!
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CGwell游戏特效提高班第四期李可老师作品集_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili


Don’t worried about tutorials or technology,the most important is art and the love of VFX.

There are many ways to learn VFX on the web,Pinterest,,YOUTUBE,, follow the VFXer there,and find their team,workmate,friend,One to another,to another…expand the VFX circle you own

I use the translation software to talk to you,so there’s some semantic inaccuracies.

But don’t worry,success will come with effort,Just do your best ,and be patient and careful


Thank you so much, i will try my best!


Thank you for the links regarding to CGwell tutorials. might be worth of posting them under Resources and Knowledge as well. Good for people who are keen to learn that type of effects. 谢谢。


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