Perfomance testing

Hi! How do you test your vfx? I mean performance. Maybe use some soft or make benchmarks. Any info, please

Play to your engines strengths and try to work around the weaknesses. That’s what I can think of in general terms, if you want more specific advice it’d be helpful with more info! What type of game is it, what engine are you using, which platforms are you targeting, etc

Thanks. Engine - Unity, platform - mobile, game - turn-based RPG. Each character have 3 or 4 skill (with unique vfx)

I haven’t done a ton of profiling in Unity, but have you looked at the Profiler overview? That might give you a clue on how the VFX is doing.

Be sure to read the documentation for whatever platform you’re targeting as well, as they might have different restrictions and best practices for texture compression etc