Pawn, Movement, and Collisions

Hey there, so this is only tangentially related to VFX (in the sense that I’m putting together a quick prototype of gameplay to test some fx in) but I was hoping someone here might have some ideas on how to solve this problem. I’m using Pawn rather than Character because I don’t want that vertical capsule or the skeletal mesh that Character comes with, plus it’s heavier performance-wise. I’ve gathered that collision components don’t work unless they’re the root of your blueprint. At least that’s what I’ve seen online, and my experience has seemed to support that. The problem is, if I put a box, sphere, or capsule collision as the root of my Pawn, it suddenly either stops being able to move completely (btw, I’m using a “right click in the world and use AI MoveTo”) or it starts to spin in place. Even if the collision component is set to No Collision at all… and “can ever affect navigation” is off as well. I literally can’t continue if I can’t have collision for my Pawns. Anyone have any ideas?

TLDR: When setting a collision as the root of my Pawn with the floating pawn movement component, suddenly my movement stops working, regardless of collision settings. How do I get collision on my Pawn?