I always find it tedious to create a new particle system in the hierarchy and modify its default properties, so I created something that would speed up the workflow when using Particle Systems in Unity. And now that it is working, I want to help everyone by shearing it with the community!

The tool is designed to organize the hierarchy of objects in the scene and customize Particle System properties.

You can create a new Particle System object under a selected object and adjust its properties.

Additionally, you can duplicate a Particle System object to create a new object below the original.

The tool is an open-source project and is available for free. Feel free to share it within the community and it can be further developed by anyone.

If you encounter any issues or errors, please let me know.

Please be cautious when using the tool in your personal projects as you may experience crashes.
I haven’t taken extensive precautions against potential issues that may arise from modifications beyond what I specified in the plugin description.

I hope it helps you create cool things!

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You can now add multiple child objects to the selected object or the project you’re creating within the hierarchy!

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Precautions were taken for the error that led to the crash after a certain period of time.