Particle Gradient Mapping

Good info, thanks mate!

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Hi all,
here other example. I catch here the values between 0.1 and 0.99. So they get a other color.
It was usfule for stylized effects with outlines.


Coming back to this just to comment on how move I LOVE this gif. Really beautiful work!!

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Bumping the old thread
Guys, I need your advice. I have a texture and a gradient which looks like this:



If I will apply that gradient as gradient map in photoshop I will get that result:


But if I trying to use gradient mapping in unreal I’m getting that strange effect in the middle (where the maximum of white)


Why this is happend? My texture is linear color and gradient is sRGB

Is your gradient texture being tiled? Because in that case 1 most likely tries to interpolate between closest pixel on 1 and the tiled 0.

Try clamping the gradient texture.


Also disable sRGB on your particle texture since you’re not using it as a color.

Yeah, it’s working! Thank you very much!

Shouldn’t this be done with linear gamma to avoid all the ugly colors?

Curve Atlasses for shaders in UE 4.20. Done are the days of creating gradiesnts in photoshop?


Yep, just saw it! Should allow for way faster changes, quite cool :slight_smile:

Actually recorded a video of fast iteration here:

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