Pareylook's sketchbook

Hey everyone! I finally decided to start a sketchbook here. I started learn vfx few months ago. Feel free to give feedback or ask questions.


My last Personal work in Unity


also i want to publish here some of my early works in unreal engine 4


Pretty cool!

Still, there’s something about the size of those sparks: they don’t seem to fit very well in some of the situations, like in the 2nd’s gif lightning impact or in the energy shield impacts. Maybe they need to be smaller, but more of them to compensate. You can even create an image packing a bunch of “fake” sparks to improve performance.

Also, you can play with sizes, maybe have an emitter with 3 big sparks and another one with 30 small sparks, and let them be residual by giving them a longer lifetime.


Thank you so much for your advice. I will try apply this in the next iteration this fx

That’s pretty good work here, I’m a junior too so I don’t have an hawk eye for vfx as several people in here. It’s been barely than a year since I’m doing vfx, and what you’ve done is pretty cool. If I may giving advice on your work:

  • As Lush told you, you should reduce the size of the stretched sparks, and you should hide the begining of the particle (because we can see it’s round at the beginning, if you use stretched billboard it’s normal) so change the alpha over life then at the beginning we can’t see the round stuff
  • For the tank, when it shoots it’s ok for me but on the wall you should put some broken pieces of wall explode and land on the ground, and a biggest explosion, don’t hesitate to make it bigger and exaggerate it, more dust would be cool and slowly, don’t hesitate to look at some references. I like the slow mo guys (
  • In unity particle there’s the trails you can turn on, take a look inside same for Velocity over life ( specially for the radial) you can make better vfx thanks to them :smiley:

If you want to talk about unity etc I know some stuff about it so don’t hesitate to ask and I use amplify shader for my shaders.

Keep going, there’s good work ! :smiley:


Thank you very much, this is valuable advice.

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Hi this is my new experiment in unity.

I’m starting to learn to write hlsl shaders. And found a cool tutorial about to using “custom vertex streams” in unity particles - and used it in my new vfx. In my example, dissolve effect depended on the parameter of the lifetime of the particle.

You can take my shader here -


My personal work and video speed process of create vfx on stream
and referens list for this work


nice… you should have used mesh for papers if you did its not noticeable…

Yes, you’re right) Video happened to much fast. It’s my fault, but i scared what if i create it more long it will be boring

Hey man! These are really adorable. I love your “cute” style of VFX. It carries an emotion with it which is rare to see with a lot of generic effects these days. Your sense of color and timing is really good as well which really helps boost the quality level of your effect.

So with your latest piece I would say that the pages fade out too plainly. It would be nice to have some sort of rotation on them? Maybe a 4x4 flipbook or create a mesh and actually rotate them like one would rotate a leaf blowing in the wind.

I’m not sure how I feel about them shrinking towards the end of their lifetime either. Maybe it would look better once the rotation is in place?

The runes on the book appear to be flat at times and not aligned with the surface of the book. Try adding them as a mask onto the material of the book and floating a noise / gradient over them to give the same effect except that it’ll be on the book now. :smiley:

The runes that float upward seem very disconnected from the ones on the book. Maybe find a nice way to marry those two?

Over all I love these pieces man! You’re doing really good for a few months of VFX. Keep it up! Excited to see more of your art pieces. :smiley:

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Hi veer! Thank you very much for your opinion! It is very helpful for me where someone give very detailed feedback about my work. Yes last fx happened very desaturated) it my fault but i tried take “divine glow” color and failed)))

About flying papers… i used mesh really) I dont now what i did wrong but it’s realy meshes.

But i understand what it doesn’t look like that.
About runes in the book - i undestand what you do meant and next time i will try be better)
Again thank you very much for your feedback

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The hand particle is very noice, love it.

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I think for the pages, it’s just that there doesn’t feel like there’s any air resistance. the pages feel too stiff as they’re flying around. I’d recommend the flipbook idea veer mentioned :+1: . by doing it this way, it would also help optimize your effect. Basically you could just animate in Blender a single page moving about and then render out a spritesheet. i like what’s goin on otherwise :sparkles:

If you want to keep them as meshes however, i’d recommend at least doin some rotation and extend their lifetime so that they don’t fade out before doing a full circle around the book - otherwise you’re just losing that depth information. When i first saw the effect, i thought for a moment that they were just billboards and i think once you extend the lifetime it’ll become more clear that they’re mesh.

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Hey! this my new experiment! i try keep learning shaders language in unity.

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Hey, try this to make your shield more interesting (ASE)

thank you, but i can’t use it because i haven’t amplify shader editor. I use code for writing shaders

Oh, then try this, I think you can recreate it in the script.

Two textures with different speed + mask for gradient or something else

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good idea! thank you!