Pareylook's sketchbook



Hey everyone! I finally decided to start a sketchbook here. I started learn vfx few months ago. Feel free to give feedback or ask questions.


My last Personal work in Unity


also i want to publish here some of my early works in unreal engine 4


Pretty cool!

Still, there’s something about the size of those sparks: they don’t seem to fit very well in some of the situations, like in the 2nd’s gif lightning impact or in the energy shield impacts. Maybe they need to be smaller, but more of them to compensate. You can even create an image packing a bunch of “fake” sparks to improve performance.

Also, you can play with sizes, maybe have an emitter with 3 big sparks and another one with 30 small sparks, and let them be residual by giving them a longer lifetime.


Thank you so much for your advice. I will try apply this in the next iteration this fx


That’s pretty good work here, I’m a junior too so I don’t have an hawk eye for vfx as several people in here. It’s been barely than a year since I’m doing vfx, and what you’ve done is pretty cool. If I may giving advice on your work:

  • As Lush told you, you should reduce the size of the stretched sparks, and you should hide the begining of the particle (because we can see it’s round at the beginning, if you use stretched billboard it’s normal) so change the alpha over life then at the beginning we can’t see the round stuff
  • For the tank, when it shoots it’s ok for me but on the wall you should put some broken pieces of wall explode and land on the ground, and a biggest explosion, don’t hesitate to make it bigger and exaggerate it, more dust would be cool and slowly, don’t hesitate to look at some references. I like the slow mo guys (
  • In unity particle there’s the trails you can turn on, take a look inside same for Velocity over life ( specially for the radial) you can make better vfx thanks to them :smiley:

If you want to talk about unity etc I know some stuff about it so don’t hesitate to ask and I use amplify shader for my shaders.

Keep going, there’s good work ! :smiley:


Thank you very much, this is valuable advice.