Oven flamethrower vfx

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hi, I created this initial white box of a flame thrower coming out of an oven, I was wondering if I could get some feedback pls before I start to add detail, (velocity, color, shape, etc)


Not much feedback to give, it’s already looking pretty good! I’d just suggest no smoke at the very beginning of the jet; have it start showing up about halfway down the length.

thxs for the feedback,

Pretty great start! Timely too since I’ve been working on one myself for work recently :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ve looked at flamethrower references but if not check some out on YT. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. I’d look into is adding some spark embers trailing off with some curl, more toward the middle-to-end.
  2. Consider the coloring, with a more blueish flame at the start, as you’d see with a flamethrower starter jet, or oven jets.
  3. To get a more fluid-like flamethrower feel I’d play with the size at the start, stretching it out a bit before it hits drag/gravity and starts to blossom out.
  4. I can’t quite tell with your render, but if you don’t have any heat distortion I’d consider that, right at the mouth of the beginning of the emitter, to really sell the heat.
  5. If you want the flames to hit the ground like that make sure you have some depth fade on those sprite textures so it’s a softer hit.
  6. Additional polish would be to have the ground blacken over time under the flames and around the mouth of the oven.
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hi Kimber, thx for the feedback, I think I have tried to implement your feedback into the VFX, and I hope ur flamethrower VFX worded out for you :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Wow that’s looking pretty great @abm! Only other thing I could say is that it feels a bit slow and sluggish. I would expect a little bit more power and speed to it, but without know more specifically what the use-case is for this I don’t really have any other feedback. What matters most is if you’re happy with it :slight_smile: Very well done!

RE: the ‘slow and sluggish’ comment, what I did with mine was have it start nice and fast, then added a Drag module and had a curve make it start out with almost no drag ramping up to a higher number to slow it up toward the end.