Oskar Larsson: Sketch #4 WIP

Hey! For this challenge i’m going to experiment a bunch and see if I can learn a thing or two.

Started with a plane with some tesselation, vertex offset and a few scrolling texture.
Next step is adding some lightning! :boom:


Duude this is gona be sweet! That’s clever inverting the values, seems simple yet super effective! Vertex offset is a nice touch too. Can’t wait to see more.

This is looking really awesome. Looking forward to it mate.

Thanks man! Yeah I invert the textures and add it back to the clouds. I also darken the clouds that are lowest to fake SSS. :slight_smile:

@Ali Thanks! :smiley:

That’s looking lovely! I’m guessing it’s already on your mind but if not, here’s an idea I like to use together with this technique.
Instead of a hard switch to the inverted, use an animated mask to simulate the lightning moving around inside the clouds. Still superquick, more of a felt than a seen thing :slight_smile:


Ooh that sounds awesome, i’l try that out! :smiley:

Update! First I tried to scroll a mask really fast like suggested from @Partikel.
I can feel my shader knowledge is limited cause i couldn’t get it to look good. >.<
I might try it some more but for now I went with still masks.

Bonus gif is me playing around with the shader on a circular mesh.


Hehe, I didn’t mean a scrolling mask. I’d have used a softerosion/threshold mask to drive it. Though it doesn’t matter since that looks really cool anyway :slight_smile:


ooh I see, if I can find some time before GDC il try it out. Thanks! :smiley:

Hey, how’s it going? Any last updates? I like them clouds a lot.
I’ve never thought of scrolling multi-layered textures for tesselation.

Hey! I am at gdc this week so any updates will be when I get back home. Thanks a lot! :grinning:

@Limeslushie: Hey man, did you use ShaderForge for your effect? I can see the Unity Perspective Icon XD.

I wanted to know how you did the pulsating lights and what the setup was. I was going to apply the logic to UE4’s material since its similar to SF. Thanks.

Hey yeah I used SF! I animated UV offset of a 2x2 mask texture and had a slider for adding the color.
I can post the shader and textures when I get home if you are interested. :slight_smile:

Yea that’d be great! It would be interesting to see how that works.

So the first texture is being used for the clouds, second for distortion, third are masks. Fourth shows what happens when I drag the lightning add slider. It lerps between different colors for the clouds and also adds the lightning.

Sorry for the very rough shader. This was a sketch so I just experimented with the shader. There’s plenty of unused nodes and it’s chaotic. Hopefully you can get some information out of it anyway :smiley: