VFX Sketch #4: Winners and Badges!

Thanks for all those that participated this past month once again. Even with a more challenging Sketch, you guys still had some awesome work to show! Let’s highlight the winners from this last month (most likes and overall buzz within topic)! :grin:

1st Place: Oskar Larsson

Oskar has been killing it the last couple sketches with his subtle yet beautiful effects. His variation in his timing, shapes and value really helped his work stand out. Little things like the paralaxing clouds really brought his sketches together for a really impressive presentation. Check out his work in progress here. Congrats Oskar on the stellar work!

2nd Place: JangaFX

JangaFX also impressed with a more realistic rendition of “stormy skies”. From itteration to itteration his work got stronger with every version and ended up with a really solid piece, revealing the storm from the inside! From his first iteration to his final resulting cinematic entry, you can check out his work in progress here. Congrats JangaFX on the excellent work!

Thank you everyone for participating! Your entries will be left open as usual, so continue to iterate if you so desire! We always love to see your guys’ progress regardless of time frame.

Because of the launch of our very first sponsored competition (!!), we will be postponing our next VFX Sketch until its conclusion. Check out more details about it here: Competition: The Great Transmutator