Online fx classes?

hi everyone! I’m new to this site but i’m here to see if anyone knows about any affordable FX courses online? I found this program:

Has anyone taken these classes before?

There are a few listed here: Getting Started in Real Time VFX? Start Here!
@pmiller is currently taking the one you listed I believe.

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Hey Patrikel,
Which course did you take? I was enrolled in Manuel’s course for the Winter term.
@roastingallmens The course I took was well worth it. Manuel’s is an amazing instructor and artist and really takes his time to ensure that you understanding the assignment and provides great feedback. It’s crazy how someone who works a full-time job as an FX lead dedicates so much time to his students as well. One of the best Houdini courses I’ve taken so far.

I haven’t taken any of them so I can’t say if they are any good or not. I teach a few of them though.

On the subject of FX classes, Alan McKay has opened classes for VFX TD which is a 12 month program. Registration ends next weekend. The course focuses more on motion pictures VFX but teaches core programs like FumeFX.

Video game VFX artists like @Fabio_M_Silva & Wirginia Romanowska have taken the course, so you can ask for their opinion.

I like the practicality of the course and it puts pressure to build your demo reel, but I don’t know how applicable it is to video game VFX directly since some of the programs used are 3DS Max & Nuke. I do like that you get a certification at the end along with reference letters and a lifetime access to review the content anytime you need a refresher.

Here is the link:

I just saw that i was tagged. I took the rtvfx coures for games on 3DCGMA. ITs not bad but definetly made for beginners, (myself). I also did the Houdini for games thing on Plural sight (ultra helpful) If OP is looking for suggestions Id suggest those.

Hey Paul, did you take this one? FX for Games with Fabio Silva… If so, can I ask you a bit more about it?
I was considering it but I’m afraid it would be a bit too basic. I already have decent knowledge of UE4 particle and material systems and I am looking for a more advanced class that goes beyond the basics.
Do you think it’s worth the price?

I can’t speak for the program currently. At the time I took it, i got a decent amount out of it. if you pm me I can go into more detail

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exceptional mentor


I just picked up a subscription to last week. I have gone through the “Houdini: VFX for Games” course at the moment and that has been really really cool. Looking forward to going through the actual paths they have created for learning VFX software in general (Houdini/Maya/AfterEffects etc).

All I can say is that for $29 a month, it seems well worth it as paying $700 dollars for a mentored course just wasn’t an option for me financially.

真的非常想报名 可惜不会英文!:汗:汗:汗: has a one on one mentorships available for both realistic and stylized VFX options!

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