Artistic Principles of VFX

Holy crap. There is something I’ve been working on that I’ve been planning to post soon for awhile. I’m actually finishing it up RIGHT NOW. Yet, I was going to post a week ago. My gut told me - “You need to post this now”, even though I felt it wasn’t yet ready. I quite obviously ignored it.

My gut feelings have proven right - AGAIN.

I’m still going to post the darn longread (one of the tags) - but DANG IT! To the little I’ve seen at this moment, this is good stuff. This is the pure BASICS, but in a VFX mindset. GOOD!

It’s about darn time.

Still though…

Holy… Crap.

Spooky. :ghost:

Thank you for that, i just finished watching all of them. I learned most of these by practicing since i started as a VFX Artist less than a year ago. Though it wasn’t always easy to put it into words since some parts are quite abstract. These videos helped a lot in that way, specially the one about the timing.

EVERY artist should keep this in mind, specially those who just started.

Again, thanks for that.

These are amazing; thanks for taking the time to do these, Jason!

Excited to see what you post! I was just looking to start a baseline discussion for these topics. I look forward to seeing how the conversation around the artistry of VFX evolves over the years.

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Not just the artistry. Teaching the artistry. I (probably) won’t be able to watch this till after I post. Yet I don’t need to watch it to say how much what you have posted is needed.

It was needed. Thank you. :hugs:

Oh this was most definitely needed. Thanks a bunch for these @Keyserito ! I am not the best when it comes to color theory and values. Your videos on those topics in specific were pretty helpful in relaying these out! Definitely going to help me up my texture design game. :smile:

For those who missed it, here’s the link to the post about the guide Jason uses:

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Great series Jason, thanks for putting it together!

There must be something in the water at the moment as I’ve got a whole bunch of notes written up on a similar subject which I’ll probably post in the next couple of weeks, hopefully building on the great stuff here.

Amazing, thanks for creating and sharing these!

Just watched them all, and really appreciate the time and effort you put into this!
Timing is def. my weakest point, so that particular video might get quite a few views from me over the next few weeks to really get it embedded into my brain! I’ll be watching the rest a few times as well since its good to keep remembering myself how important shape, value, color, timing, and how it all relates to gameplay is.

Its funny, I was watching them while working on a specific vfx pack and I think I went over all the effects at least once per video and tried applying what I learned/realized/remembered from your videos.
They are a treasure trove.


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Great videos! Thanks for sharing ^^

Awesome! thanks for taking the time and effort to share this!!
Really appreciated

Thanks for putting this together Jason, it really helps to have an auditory explanation and visuals with motion to accompany the vfx style guide. I feel like I understand everything that’s in there more completely now, thanks to your videos

This is great, thanks so much for making these videos! I myself am only just now getting onto VFX, (My school, although having a Game Art degree, doesn’t go over VFX all that much.) so these are a huge help on understanding what I should look out for and how I should work around my effects.

Really good tips! Thanks for sharing Jason!

Since this is all great stuff to learn early on and develop good habits with, I added a link to this thread and the YouTube playlist to the Getting Started wiki

haha. So glad they’re helpful to you. Yes, i tried to make them short enough to be re-watchable without being too burdensome. Glad to hear they’re being used like that.

Yah! I’m driven to try and help fill the gaps until the current generation of real-time VFX talent starts making their way into schools eventually. Other art disciplines are quite a bit more mature education-wise. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover before we can catch up.


Thanks for adding it in! Excited to see how it resonates with newcomers.

True enough, true enough. Regardless, doesn’t stop my drive to try and get into VFX. Learning from what few descriptive tutorials for UE4 I can find is kiiinda hard, but making explosions is my dream darn it, I will achieve it! But really, thanks so much for these videos, its a huge help.

Jason! This is great!

Thank you so much for always putting in the extra effort to help people learn! I appreciated all your help when I was in school, and even now that I’m working, I still look forward to all the stuff you put out!